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Here at Georgetown fence and deck, we are committed to making our masonry work stand above the rest. We offer a wide variety of options when it comes to masonry work. Here is a list of just some of the masonry services we provide:

Stone Columns – Stone columns have become a very popular addition to fence lines and are a requirement in many subdivisions.  As a result, there are many contractors attempting to build columns without a solid knowledge of the structural requirements that will keep it from leaning or worse, falling.  We can proudly state we have never had even a warranty call on one of our stone columns because we have the technical knowledge to build a long lasting column.

Concrete/Stone Patios – As with columns, many are attempting to fill the demand in outdoor concrete or stone patios without fully understanding the strengths and weaknesses of concrete, that it can withstand compression but not tension, and how to deal with the weaknesses to make it a strong product that provides decades of beautiful service.  Our knowledge of stone enables us to assist in selections that will be beautiful and appropriate for walking surfaces.

Rock Walls – Like columns, rock walls are part construction and part art.  Without the construction knowledge the artsy wall will soon fall.  At Georgetown Fence & Deck, LLC we possess the construction knowledge to build a solid long lasting stone wall and the artistic vision to make it a work of art.

Stamped Concrete – Stamped concrete is patterned and/or textured or embossed to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, tile, wood, and various other patterns and textures.  It is commonly used for patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and interior flooring.  The ability of stamped concrete to resemble other building materials make this a less expensive alternative to using those other authentic materials such as stone, slate, or rock.

Stained Concrete – Concrete is an inherently attractive building material.  It embodies the natural appeal of stone by its mass and permanence.  Concrete stains are an excellent choice for producing colors often found in the earth and rock.  Concrete stain provides a contemporary finish on floors, countertops, and even walls.  Stains are applicable for both interior and exterior construction, and can be used with freshly cured or existing surfaces.

Custom Entry Ways – Don’t just provide a way into your property, make a statement.  Entranceways are an excellent canvas to express creativity and enhance the value of your property.

Outdoor Fireplaces – Outdoor lifestyles are all the rage, so add warmth and beauty with a beautiful and functional outdoor fireplace.

Stone Mail Boxes – Add some flair and beauty to your property whether in a rural country setting, or city/subdivision.  A stone mailbox makes a statement as you approach your house that says this owner has class.

  • We hand pick your pickets to make sure they are adequate to install.
  • We use hot dipped galvanized ring shank nails.
  • All posts are set 18-24" in the ground.
  • We use 5000 psi concrete.
  • All wood privacy fencing comes with 3 rails, for added support.
  • All 4 x 4 and 2 x 4 16" rails are pressure treated, thus insuring the longest lasting fence available. The importance of the 16' rail cannot be overstand.
  • Like all our fencing options, our crews are extremely experienced with cedar fencing.
  • We use powder coated gate hardware
  • We can help design a custom look for your wood privacy fence.

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